Sunday, May 4, 2014

Properties of Operations

The dreaded properties...the kids HATE them because it is so difficult for them to remember.  I HATE rote learning.  But, alas, it was time to teach them...and I vowed for those lessons to not be torture for me or the kids.  So, I resorted to my handy-dandy textbook...NOT!  I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.  And inspiration I found HERE and HERE. 

Many of my students are visual learners, as am I.  So, I knew this would be perfect for my students.  I showed the students my example of each property (such as Identity Property of Addition)
Then, I gave them a blank card shown below for each property that we were going to do.
Click on picture for the card :)
The students drew their own picture in the large space at the top, wrote a description of the property in the "words" section, and wrote a math problem using the property in the "math example" section.  This was HUGE as it merged the linguistic learners with visual learners with mathematical learners.  Each student was engaged and thinking deeply about what the properties meant.  POWERFUL!
Here's some examples of their work :)

Happy May!


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