Thursday, March 6, 2014

Order of Operations

My sixers are working on Order of Operations.  We've only had 20(!) snow days, so that makes it hard to have continuity with instruction.  So, my kids definitely need some practice with numerical expressions.  They have been cooped up in their houses, so they are needing to get up and move.  So, what better time to pull out my Order of Operations Task Cards :)

I am going to distribute the cards around the classroom, laying out more cards than there are students (for my fast workers).  Also, I'm going to write the answers on the back so students get immediate feedback (and so students do not think I'm the sole-possessor of the answer).  If the students can't figure out their mistake, they will seek out my help.

The students will have a piece of notebook paper that they fold into 8 sections (16 counting the back also).  They will set out to work, moving freely around the classroom to practice their math work.

I'm looking forward to this in my classroom!  After having so many snow days, we need something that gets us all moving around :)

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