Thursday, September 5, 2013

ISN: Word problems

I am linking up with I'm Lovin Lit! for her monthly linky party about interactive learning. 

Today we started tacking word problems, which is a HATED topic in 6th grade for several reasons. 
1) you have to be able to read the actual words on the page.  For struggling readers, this is a challenge, which makes word problems even more difficult.
2) word problems are like a big ol' mystery.  You have to be a detective to figure out what in the world you are supposed to do.
3)  its time consuming.

So, today, in my interventions classes we made flippables that went into our ISN.  This was a two page entry because the flips were so big so they would write underneath of it.  You can see below how it all turned out.  I was SOOOO please with how it turned out!

For my slowest classes, I just printed the four slides from the powerpoint with the words as a single handout in PPT.  It made them nice and compact so they fit underneath of the tabs in their ISN.
If you are interested in these flips, along with the words my students wrote underneath, you can get them HERE for free!
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Anonymous said...

Found your blog on the link-up! I do love a good interactive notebook, and I might just try this (on a simpler scale) with my 4th graders. They're starting to tackle word problems and are struggling with those key phrases! Thanks for sharing!

Miss White's Classroom

MS. OCD said...

Totally stealing this one! Thanks!

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