Thursday, September 5, 2013

ISN: Word problems

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Today we started tacking word problems, which is a HATED topic in 6th grade for several reasons. 
1) you have to be able to read the actual words on the page.  For struggling readers, this is a challenge, which makes word problems even more difficult.
2) word problems are like a big ol' mystery.  You have to be a detective to figure out what in the world you are supposed to do.
3)  its time consuming.

So, today, in my interventions classes we made flippables that went into our ISN.  This was a two page entry because the flips were so big so they would write underneath of it.  You can see below how it all turned out.  I was SOOOO please with how it turned out!

For my slowest classes, I just printed the four slides from the powerpoint with the words as a single handout in PPT.  It made them nice and compact so they fit underneath of the tabs in their ISN.
If you are interested in these flips, along with the words my students wrote underneath, you can get them HERE for free!
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Monday, September 2, 2013


I totally missed out on August's Currently because it was major back-to-school mode.  This month, I will not miss out!  I am sacrificing my sleep to link up...which is a MAJOR ordeal!

Listening---LOVE LOVE LOVE FGLine with Nelly!!!!!  I get pumped every day with it on my way to school.  As if this weekend couldn't get any better with having a 3 day weekend, they were on the Today Show this morning!!!  YAY!  And after the VMA's last week, Katy Perry's new song "Roar" is my new fav!
Loving--Had some time to chill out this weekend with my family.  Thankful to have some time to just relax and recharge.  Midterms are this week (ahhhh!)...definitely needed a breather!
Thinking--Today I opted for a few more snuggles and cuddles and puzzles, and chose not to do some of the chores I needed to do around the house or a few things I needed to do for school.  Oh well...all that stuff will wait for me, snuggles will not.
Wanting--I hate to sweat.  I hate to feel like I'm wearing  blanket outside.  I will not exercise outside if it is hot and humid (there really isn't a gym I could go to anywhere around, either).  I need days without killer humidity, sweltering heat, and monsoons so that I can start to exercise.
Needing--I L.O.V.E to eat.  This is evident in the fact that I have gained weight about 30 pounds in a year :(  I need some self-control so that I don't just gorge out on every single piece of food in my house and the will power to get up and move.
Me--I need to stay away from fried foods (i.e., fast food), drink more water, and walk this month.  Today was mile #1 of the month.  Considering I walked 0 miles purposefully last month, this is a big improvement.  Today's mile consisted of walking a loop around my front yard while my 4 year olds played.  I decided today no more excuses...whatever it takes.
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Long division...blech!

When I say "long division" in class, a look of fear and disgust comes across my students' face.  I HATE teaching log division, and it is probably because students coming to 6th grade do not have their multiplication facts memorized.  So in an intervention class, I cross both bridges.  We've worked on x2, x5, x10, x9 (magic 9s), and x6 (with our fingers).  So, that's what we're dividing by.  We're learning it all simultaneously, and kids are starting to realize that "Division is just backwards multiplication, Mrs. Brummett."  WHAT?!?!?!  Amazing that they are coming up with that on their own :)

Here's a look at my foldable/flipbook that we made to put into our interactive notebook.
The front
All of the info inside

The coolest part is that as we are practicing in class, the students are asking "Is it okay if I use me flipbook?"  UM, YES!!!!  PLEASE!  This is probably one of the most useful foldables that we've ever made.  After we made it, we glued it into our ISN.
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Happy Labor Day!