Monday, July 22, 2013

IXL Cards & IEP At a Glance: Manic Monday

Today, I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies' Manic Monday!  Love seeing what other teachers have in their classrooms :)

I am really fortunate that my school has bit the bullet and purchased a license for all 330 6th graders for next year.  This is our second year using IXL.  With struggling learners, the number one thing that I've learned is that they need many many more repetitions than average learners.  IXL is a great tool to use in a resource class and intervention class because I can find SOOOO many skills on a variety of levels and can individualize the practice for students.  We've had Study Island in the past and it drove me CRAZY that I couldn't back it down grade levels for struggling learners because we only had the 6th grade license.  With IXL, you have access to the entire website!  This is great for gifted students to work on more advance skills, as well as great for students with severe disabilities because they can work on basic math skills.  Cannot say enough great things about this website!

Here's the downfall:  Each student has their own unique log in.  Most logins are just the first letter of the student's first name (not what they go by) with their last name.  Add into that they may not go by their first name, or there may be two students as "jsmith."  It just gets confusing, and my 6th graders are not the best at remembering their IXL log-ins. 

Problem Solved: I decided to make cutesy little cards for them to reference.  I am going to write their log-in on it and then tape them into the front cover of their ISN.

For you:  Click HERE to download your freebie.  Paper from Ashley Hughes on TPT.  Font is Hello Recess which you can see here

And, to help myself be more focused with managing my students' IEPs, I made this At-A-Glance to record my students' information that I am ALWAYS looking up in their IEPs.  So, HERE is my At-A-Glance that I whipped up tonight.  Gotta start reading some IEPs this week....only have 30 to get familiar with :)

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I only have two more Saturdays left of summer break...sniff, sniff :(


Kinder Teacher said...

I heart your chevron IEP form! Thank you for sharing!


I Heart My Kinder Kids

Hodgesgal said...

I nominated you for the Liebster award


Amanda Hallman said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing. One quick question, What does ARD mean at the top right corner? If I have any IEPs this year, I will be using your form! :)

Elementary Teacher Files 

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