Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fav Fonts

At some point, I saved THIS in my favorites on my computer.  While having some free time this evening, I found it in my list of favorites.  It is a linky for favorite fonts!!!!  And, if you are like me, you are OBSESSED to the max!!  I've even turned my BFF to fonts this summer :)  I count that as a success!  Check out some of these blogs that have linked up.  I've found more than 20 new fonts that I want to get...and I'm nowhere near finished through all of the link-ups.  The linky is from 2011, so bummer that we can't join in :(

And since my summer is wrapping up (much quicker than I had hoped), here's three pics from here lately.
My first veggies out of my garden.  I didn't get it out until the middle of June, so I'm excited that it is FINALLY producing :)  Might have a tomato next week...just in time for school to start.

Date Night!

My two girlies trying not to give me a really good picture


Erica Marshall said...

Hi Erin,

I'm new to the blogging community and stumbled across your blog today. I love it! It's super cute. I am a fellow 6th grade teacher, but I teach science and language arts.

Anyway, it was nice to "meet" you!

I will be following you on bloglovin' for future updates.


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