Monday, July 15, 2013

Common Core 6th Grade-I Can statements

If you are like me, you are easily lost and confused with all of 'weirdness' of the Common Core State Standards.  Over two years ago, my department was handed the standards and told to deconstruct the standards into student-friendly "I Can" statements.  There weren't any models or examples for us to look at.  Nor had anyone already deconstructed the standards.  MAJOR STRESS!!!

After teaching Common Core for two full years, I think that we have simplified our original work and finally have a decent grasp on the standards.  If you are a sixth grade teacher, I am sharing our deconstruction HERE.  This is a word document, so it can be edited, rearranged, or whatever to fit your needs.  You will see our pacing with the number of days for each unit.  We have two math classes at our school, one that focuses on numbers and algebra while the other focuses on geometry and statistics (half year class).  The "I Can" for each unit are not necessarily in the exact order I would teach them, but they are all there.  The standards are to the side so you can match the "I Can" back with the standard.  Below is a preview.

Hoping for a great year with you and your kiddos :)


Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing the I Can Statements! This will be helpful. We were introduced to Common Core last year and this year we are moving full force into it.

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