Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Question about commenting...help :)

When I leave comments for someone on their posts, I can't get my blog address to come up as a hot link. I can type it in, but it not a link. On other people's comments, they have a link to their blog, which comes in handy when you want to follow the blogs of people who have left comments.  Anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this???



Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

Hi Erin! I had this same question a few weeks ago. A friend of mine sent me a link to a webpage that explains how to do this. However, you have to copy and paste every time you leave a comment. Which gets old fast! I'm hoping some one has another way we can go about doing this. But in the meantime check out this webpage. You will need to follow the directions under the "What if I don't have that button." I hope this helps!


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thebrummetts said...

Thank you!!!!

thebrummetts said...
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thebrummetts said...

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Lucy Ravitch said...

It worked. I saw your link on another blog and now I'm following by RSS feed. Nice to meet another math blogger : )
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Now to get more comments you might want to take off the word verification so I don't have to type in funny letters and numbers to post this comment. You can google how to do it.

Brandee Green said...

I see you figured it out! :)
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thebrummetts said...

I did figure it out! Thanks for the help. Now to google to figure out about the weird letters. It drives me crazy on other blogs (especially when reading on my phone), so I'm glad someone pointed it out to me :

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