Saturday, June 8, 2013

Organziation Linky--Hanging folders!

I am linking up with the girls at Ladybug Teacher Files and Fun in 4b to join in the organization linky party.  I have thought hard about what I could possibly contribute and decided that my paper organizer thingy-majig is probably the thing that keeps me most organized after grading papers.
I have a Pendaflex hanging folder that is shown in the picture below (this is not mine...mine is in a box). 

I designate one period per folder...since I teach 6 periods, this is PERFECT.  At my school, we have Thursday Folders.  On Thursdays, these Thursday Folders are given to students in 1st period and they carry them around all day to all of their classes.  Whenever teachers have papers to pass out, they save them all until Thursday to be sent home in the...yes, you guessed it, Thursday Folders. 

When I finish grading papers, I just throw them in that period's folder and wait til Thursday.  If someone is absent on Thursday to receive their graded work, it just goes back in the folder and waits til next week. 

This totally helps me keep my desk de-cluttered and keeps me from 'accidentally' throwing away the kiddos papers.

Happy Saturday!!!


Brandee Green said...

Great idea Erin!
Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

Elizabeth Supan said...

What a smart idea to organize your papers from each of your classes! Thanks for linking up:)
Fun in Room 4B

Erin K said...

Wow, great idea!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Joanne Miller said...

Love those hanging files! I wanted to email you back, but you're a no reply blogger. Email me so I can tell you how to fix it-one simple button. :O)
Head Over Heels For Teaching

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