Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Made it Monday/Apple A Day

This is my first time linking up with 4th Grade Frolics "Made it Monday" linky party!  I know its now Tuesday, but I had oh-so-wonderful PD all day on Monday.  After hearing about data notebooks, being a focus school (not a good thing), Program Review, and a new state-wide lesson plan initiative, I was a little zonked!

And because this post has to do with classroom decoration, I'm also linking up with The Applicious Teacher 
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My made it Monday is seven years old, but when I started unpacking my classroom yesterday, I knew I had to share! 

I found this project in the back of  "Glamour" magazine right before I started teaching in 2006.  LOVE IT!  It is a tension rod with ribbon tied onto it.  I have a large window that needed some jazzing up.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but it truly is a show-stopper in my room.  The kids LOVE it (and touching it, which drives me crazy).  It is unique and fun :)

I am OCD (majorly), so there is a pattern of colors.  It takes a lot of ribbon, so you'll definitely need to measure the height of your window and multiply it by a lot (I know...not very helpful).  I just tied on each piece of ribbon with a double knot and then it was done. 

For the tension rod, you definitely need to measure the width of your window to buy one big (or small) enough.  If you have a large tension rod like mine that uses a screw to keep the tension, then you wont be able to slide the ribbons over the screw if you tie the ribbons tightly...word of advice: don't tie the ribbons super tight against the rod.  Then, you don't have this problem. 

I didn't get to use my ribbon rod last year because I had no windows.  When I saw this beauty yesterday, I was ecstatic about getting to use it again :)

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Have a great Tuesday!



Brandee Green said...

I love that you posted about your ribbon rod and I'm one of your followers already so I can't help you there! Good luck. You will have lots of followers very soon, I'm sure.
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Hodgesgal said...

glad I found you, I teach 6th grade math too!

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Emalie Lindsey said...

I will gladly join as a follower as a new blogger myself :) I love this idea and plan to try it myself :) Thanks for sharing!

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