Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lofty Goals

I have found Pinterest and am OBSESSED about a fact anything related to math, teaching, and cutesy.

I teach sixth grade math, and have taught for 6 years.  I have taught 5 years of regular classes, and then this last year taught two periods of resource math classes for special education students, three periods of RTI-Tier 2 classes, and one RTI-Tier 3 class.  Next year will be more resource/intervention classes, which are my absolute FAV!

I have lofty goals for next year:

1) Interactive Student Notebooks--I'm stalking LOTS of blogs and reading tons to learn how to do this in math.  Organization was not my strong point when it came to student work class year.  "Put it in your binder" was my famous last words.

2) Standards-based grading

3) Purposeful homework--going to incorporate spiraling homework.  My resource kiddos need LOTS of repetition before something sinks in.  I have always been horrible about homework...what to assign, how to check it, points to give it, what to do when they don't do it...the list goes on and on.

4) Daily Number--my sixth graders do not typically have the strongest number sense, so I am hoping with having a daily number we can start to change some of that.

5) BLOG--not sure how so many awesome teachers have time to blog and/or making things for Teacher Pay Teachers, but I'm at least going to do/try the blog thing.


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