Monday, June 3, 2013 June

I learned a lot on my first link...try not to judge.  Now, on to my second linky with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently here  :)

Listening--LOVE LOVE  LOVE Pink's new song

Loving--I've been on summer vacation already for over a week.  I love the lazy days with my kids, sleeping in, staying up late with them, and not having to worry about all of my I's being dotted and T's being crossed for the next day.  Who cares if laundry is finished today?  I can do it tomorrow...there's no school :)

Thinking--WOWZER I cannot believe what time it is.  Good thing its summer vacation and I can take a nap tomorrow.

Wanting--maybe this is more needing.  I ran out of coffee creamer on the last day of school (good timing, I know).  Since I don't need a coffee IV during the summer, I haven't been in a hurry to get more.  But I do miss it...going to the grocery tomorrow.

Needing--though it is summer vacation and laundry can be done tomorrow, I need socks.  Laundry MUST be done tomorrow.

Vacay essentials--sunscreen (especially for my 4 year olds...not wanting to experience sunburns on them), snacks (for them and momma), and iPads for the long ride.


Chelsea said...

I'm are already on summer vacation! I agree, blogging can become addicting. I'm new to this blogging world and already I can't seem to pry my fingers away from the key pad! Enjoy your summer vacation and don't worry too much about when that laundry will get done!

Beth Ann Kempf said...

Welcome to blogging! I am so jealous that you are already on vacation! I hope you got that nap in! I am also needing some more creamer! :)
Have a great day!
❀Beth Ann❀
Taming My Flock of Firsties

Mrs. J said...

I know that you're excited to be on Summer Break....mine starts on Thursday and I can't wait! I'll have nothing to do (except for a graduate course, two Common Core workshops, two conferences and our 6th grade transition camp)! I'm slowly realizing that my summer break is pretty much all planned out.

Enjoy your time!

Your newest follower,
Surviving Sixth Grade

Brandee Green said...

Hi~Welcome to Blog World! I'm a fellow upper grade teacher. :)
Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

Brittany Weidlich said...

I also stayed up too late writing my Currently blog goodness for being to sleep in and take naps :)Oh the never ending story of laundry. Hope you enjoy your summer vacay!

Lovely Literacy and More

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