Monday, June 17, 2013

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My classroom is not the most decorated place in the entire world...its colorful and bright, but themes--who knew about that all of that existed???  I didn't.  I guess that's the difference between middle school and elementary school.  Gives me plenty to think about this summer.  I think my theme for next year is "Rainbow Explosion."  We'll see how good/bad that turns out.

Today I am linking up with The Applicious Teacher for a summer long linky party :)

Anyways, I have been looking forward to this week's topic all week long.  The number one classroom management strategy that I have is my number system.  Before the Open House night, I number all of my students and post my rosters on the back wall with their number beside it.  Each desk has a number on it, like the ones below. 
Creative Teaching Press Calendars; Confetti Calendar Days
I laminate the whole set, even the extra ones (just in case one number goes MIA I have a replacement that looks similar to the others...OCD coming out in me).
I use masking tape to make a loop and then tape the number to the desk.  This tape doesn't leave any residue and peels of nicely.  I replace the tape about every two weeks because the tape loses its stickiness for various reasons (kid repositioning the numbers, etc.).
I use the numbers all over the place in my classroom.  All of the calculators have a number on the back.  Students get their calculator from their pocket on the chart and put their calculator back in that same spot when finished.  This way, I can keep track and see easily when a calculator is missing and can hunt it down by knowing who used it last.
I use numbers when I call on students, taking attendance...and I just found a new idea from Sticky Notes & Glitter...Making a BINGO chart with their numbers and using it as positive reinforcement. 
Oh I'm looking forward to this year :)


Kim said...

Sorry, but that just deserved shouting.
I am sooooooooooooooo excited to have found you!
I can't wait to read your future posts--and I am looking forward to checking out some that I missed in June.
So glad to meet you, Erin!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Dinah Ely thetravelingclassroom said...

This seems like an awesome way to keep everyone accountable for their supplies and to help keep you organized too! Thanks for sharing:)

Leigh Langton said...

I am a HUGE number fan as well! Books, computers, hooks... you name it, it has a number! Thanks for linking up and best of luck on decorating. Be sure to check out, Schoolgirl Style. She has the most AMAZING ideas (even for middle school!)

The Applicious Teacher

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